Monday, January 2, 2017

Money Challenge

Welcome to another Blessed and Prosperous Year!
The holidays are gone but they will be back in a blink of the eye. With that brings more travel time and more gifts for the family. So what does that mean for your "pockets"? EMPTY! Lol 😁
I have found that planning throughout the year makes it easier on your budget and less stressful for you.
Take a look at some of the saving challenges I have found.
I plan to do this one, but in reverse. I believe it will be easier for me to start high because I can use the CHRISTmas money that I was given. (*hint-hint*)
I even found one for the kids
Again, I think working in reverse is better.
If for some reason you can't do this, I suggest buying a gift card each pay period. Any dollar amount that you can do will work. 
Happy $avings!

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