Monday, February 10, 2014

Walgreens Deals

Here's a Deal Scenario
Transaction 1
Buy 1 Rockstar Energy Drink $1
Get Back $1RR = FREE
Transaction 2
Buy 1 Snap Infusion SuperCandy $1.99
use $1RR from above transaction
Pay: 99¢
Get Back $1.99RR = FREE+
Transaction 3
Buy 2 Mitchum Deodorant $6
Buy any 10¢ filler item
use 2 $2/1Q (SS 1/12) and
use $1.99RR from above transaction 
Pay: 11¢
Get Back $4RR = FREE+
Transaction 4
Buy 1 Snap Infusion SuperCandy $1.99
Buy 1 Rockstar Energy Drink $1
Buy Scope mouth wash $3.49
use $1/1Q (print) and
use $4RR from above transaction 
Pay: $1.48
Get Back $1.99RR, $1RR, $2RR = FREE+
  • *You can use points to get register rewards
  • *You can not use a RR to get the same RR (ex. use the Rockstar RR to buy another Rockstar -yes you can use it but you will NOT get another RR

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