Saturday, January 11, 2014

FREE Nestle 24pk Pure Life Water

Nestle 24pk Pure Life Water $2

if you can't find it at your store

you can price match at Walmart or Target or

price match at Staples and use $5/5Q = FREE


I went to Staples today (1/12) to PM and get other items. I was told by the manager that the $5/5Q was fraudulent (I saw the email from corporate). He proceeded to explain how the URL the Qpon came from is NOT Staples because there are letters before the word staples. Also, he said staples Qpons have a 5 digit Qpon code (in which I verified on their website and via emails they send me). He stated the reason why some of you could not use the fraudulent Qpon is because it has 16 digits which is connected back to ONE person for a ONE time use. I apologize for posting this Qpon. But now that I have been informed I have updated the info. $2 for a case of water is still a good deal.
Happy $avings!

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