Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday FREEbies

The ca$h I got back from Publix, I spent at Kroger
Wish Bone Salad Dressing $1.33
use $1/1Q (Best Meal) and
use .50/1Q (RP 5/19) = FREE+
Eggs, Bag Veggies, Pepsi Next
use FREE Kroger mailer Qpon
Chapstick 99¢
use $1.50/1 (peelie found on Advil) = FREE+
French's Classic Mustard 94¢
use .50/1Q (SS 5/12) = FREE+
Fruit Shoots 79¢
use .20/1Q (tearpad found in Dollar General) = 39¢
Tennessee Pride SausageBiscuit 97¢
use .75/1Q (blinkie in front of product) = 22¢
Gwaltney Hotdogs/Bolony 88¢
use .55/1Q (SS 4/28) = 33¢

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