Thursday, March 28, 2013

$20 Challenge

Thursday Thrills!
*CHALLENGE* Testers Wanted
Cut your grocery bill in half!
Let's see how far $20 will go
If the shelves were fully stocked- with $MM
I would have more products. 
I still have $12 to spend
(5)Yoplait Go Gurt Twisted 99¢ 
use .50/1Q (SS 3/3) = FREE
(8)Bailey's Coffee Creamer 99¢
use $1/1Q (SS 1/20) =  FREE 
(7)French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 99¢
use .50/1Q (SS 3/10) = FREE 
(1)Skittles 59¢ 
use .50/1Q (Kroger mailer) = 9¢

(10)Hellmann's Mayo $2.37
use $1.50/1Q (print hereand
use $1/1Q (RP 3/24) = FREE+
(6)Dole Pineapple 75¢
use .50/2Q (SS 2/3) = 25¢
(8)Oreo's $2.15 **rain check**
use $1/1Q (SS 2/10) = $1.15 
(4)1/2 gallon Milk $2.19 = FREE+ 
use $2.50/1Q (1/2, gallon Milk wyb 2 Oreos) 
**Publix store Qpon on Oreos**

(2)Hershey's Kiss $2.99
use $1/2Q (RP 3/17) = $4.98
use $2 UP reward = $2.98 OOP
get (2) $1 UP reward = 98¢


  1. I hate I missed out on these...I love the Bailey's creamer and the Go-Gurts.

    I started clipping my coupons last week, but haven't had a chance to use them yet...I didn't realize how time consuming it is!! But I'm going to follow your tips and try to save some money this week :)

    1. Once you get started, it won't be as time consuming. As with any thing else we do, TIME is a factor. The TIME you put in will be the results you get.
      Happy $avings!