Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hoarders v. Extreme Couponers
People often ask, "what is the difference between hoarders and E.C.?" After I catch my breath from laughter, I respond with my top five answers: 

5) No one is threatening to leave E.C. because of their obsession (in fact more people gather around them envying their collection   
4) E.C. families are usually "happy" with what they have collected  
3) Most likely hoarders have "paid" for the things they collect; E.C. get paid to take the stuff out of the store  
2) E.C. are known to  have "organized" chaos   
1) Unlike hoarders, many E.C. are not keeping their good finds for themselves, they donate to shelters, churches, charities, relief efforts, and of course..."mama 'em!"

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